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BFD joining task force

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The Boonville Fire Department is joining a task force.

Firefighters will now be able to travel outside the county and even to different states to help in case of disaster.

The Boonville Fire Department is now part of the District 10 Task Force.

That means now, anytime there is a natural disaster or a big fire, Boonville Firefighters can travel to help.

Which they couldn't do in the past.

For example, because of laws, firefighters are not allowed to cross state lines, being part of the task force allows them to.

But also, traveling to other states or even out of the county is costly, being part of the task force, they will get reimbursed for it.

It also means they will go through special training.

"It's a big deal for us, it had been looked at in the past, and we have the additional man power now, so we were able to do it," says Steve Byer, BFD's Asst. Fire Chief. "So it's a big deal for us and the community, because it's going to allow us to work better with the other departments and districts."

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