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Taking A Stand: Kenergy's take on KY House Bill 211

This is a guest editorial featuring Renee Beasley Jones, communications manager for Kenergy, which is an electric cooperative headquartered in Henderson.

"Perhaps you've heard about Kentucky House Bill 211, which was introduced a couple of weeks ago.  That proposed bill would allow smelters to avoid paying some transmission costs and other fees associated with accessing power on the open market. 

Hawesville smelter Century Aluminum is pushing this bill.  Kenergy believes HB 211 represents a subsidy of sorts.  Kenergy's non-smelter members, along with others from Jackson Purchase and Meade County co-ops, would pick up part of the smelters' power costs.

Rep. Jim Gooch, who heads the House Committee that listened to public comments on House Bill 211, postponed a vote last week in favor of Century and Kenergy's negotiations, which have continued this week.

We believe Century and Kenergy can come to an agreement without a legislative intervention, but any solution must be fair to all Kenergy members.

In the meantime, HB 211 remains a threat.  We ask Kentucky residents to vote NO.  Call the Kentucky Legislative Hotline at (800) 372-7181 and send a message to legislators in your area."

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