Angel's Saloon & Bistro
15 W. Main St. Elberfeld, IN (812) 983-3900
Under $10/Casual/Checks Accepted/Full Bar

B.C.'s Bar & Grill
305 Main Street (812) 838-6760
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/Checks Accepted /Credit Cards

Chilly Willy's Pub
3039 Claremont Ave 423-0726
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/Credit Cards

Culley's Pub
713 N. Green St. (270) 827-2206
Henderson, Ky.
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Full Bar/VISA,MC

518 W. Main, Newburgh 858-2782
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Full Bar/ Credit Cards

Fast Eddy's Burgers & Beer
507 N. W. Riverside
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Full Bar/VISA,MC

Fox & Hound English Pub and Grille
5416 E. Indiana Village Commons 473-5721
Between $10-$15/Casual/Reservations Accepted /FullBar/Credit Cards

Ginny's Place
Corner of Covert & Vann
Under$10/Casual/Full Bar

Harpole's Main Street Exit
1031 Main 468-9400
Under $10/Casual/Checks Accepted /Full Bar/VISA,MC

Jacob's Pub and Restaurant
4428 N. First Ave. 423-0050
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Full Bar/Credit Cards

Kipplee's Stadium Inn
2350 Division 476-1936
943 N. Park Dr. 423-6600
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/Credit Cards

Lamasco Bar & Grill
1331 West Franklin 437-0171
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/Credit Cards

The Little Cheers
329 Main Street 423-9740
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/Reservations Accepted /MC,Visa

The Pub
1348 Division 423-2121
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Checks Accepted /Full Bar/Credit Cards

Roca Bar
1618 S. Kentucky Ave. 422-7782
Under$10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Checks Accepted /Credit Cards/Full Bar

Rounder's Pizza
510 W. Mill Rd. 424-4960
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Checks Accepted /Beer &Wine

Sky's Billards Cafe
1801 N. Green River Rd. 473-1818
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Checks Accepted /Full Bar/VISA,MC,Dscvr

Turoni's Forget-Me-Not Inn
4 N. Weinbach Ave. 477-7500
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Checks Accepted /Full Bar/VISA,MC,Dscvr

Turoni's Pizzery & Brewery
408 N. Main 424-9871
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted /Full Bar/Checks Accepted /VISA,MC,Dscvr