Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Whiteout

The winter storm that has pounded much of the Midwest is now moving closer to the Great Lakes area. We'll take a look at treacherous conditions in Indianapolis and Wichita coming up at 5:30 on Sunrise.

14 First Alert

Weather here in the Tri-State got a little icy last night. Rain will taper off this morning and temps will rise into the low to mid 40s today. A couple of schools are closed in Illinois. Click here for the list.

Overnight Fire

A Henderson man is without a home this morning after an overnight house fire. We'll have video from the scene coming up at 5 and 6 on Sunrise.

The Sequester

Hundreds of thousands of layoffs begin March 1st if Congress doesn't act. We have the latest on the impact of $85 Billion in spending cuts.

Sausage for Breakfast?

If sausage is on your breakfast menu this morning, you'll want to hear about a recall from Smithfield Packing Company. We have details around 6:10.

Whether you're watching the Oscars, the Daytona 500 or some great basketball, I hope you have a great weekend!