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IN might cut spending on National Guard

If Congress doesn't reach a compromise on spending cuts, 1,000 Indiana National Guardsmen and their families will be among those having to cut back.

They face possible furloughs on Fridays and the smaller paychecks would start in April and last through September.

The potential cuts would save the government about $7-million in Indiana alone.

They would impact guardsmen who repair weapons, fix vehicles and maintain essential electronics for those who deploy in the field.

"Basically, almost like a layoff but only for one day a week," says Lt. Col. Cathy Van Bree of Indiana Guard Public Affairs. "So it's essentially a 20% reduction in their take-home pay and in their overall pay."

The cuts will not impact U.S. Army Reserves or National Guard service members who come in for drills.

Republicans and democrats remain in a stalemate over how to avoid the March 1 spending cuts.

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