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It was a cold & blustery night...

Ahhh, looking forward to spending the rest of the evening INSIDE with the heat going!  I might crank it up to 70 tonight after my live shots out in the cold earlier!!  Had my umbrella flip inside out on me TWICE!  When I got back to the newsroom, our 6pm producer told me she wished it would have happened on air (ha… ha… ha).  Luckily, the wind "cooperated" until we were all wrapped up.  I don't need to be the star of a YouTube clip titled "Poor Reporter Can't Control Umbrella" or anything like that!!


Days in the cold, as I mentioned yesterday, can be a little rough.  Today, I at least had company!!  The days of reporter-photographer teams are mostly a thing of the past around here.  But today, it worked out that photographer Andy Overton and I got to cover the cruddy weather together.  Andy, by the way, is a Mater Dei guy.  I'm a Memorial gal.  Somehow, we manage to work together. :)


I had to take a couple of pictures from one of our stops today.  We were sent to cover an accident on Northbound 41 on the Twin Bridges that backed up traffic.  To get to the accident without getting stuck ourselves, we parked and then hiked it up a big ole hill.  Keep in mind, it was chilly and a little slick out there.  Another example of why high heels are a NO-NO!!


Once we got our video and a quick interview, a KSP trooper offered to give us a ride back near our live truck so we wouldn't be in the way of traffic as it started moving again.  So, we got to hang out in the back of a cruiser for a minute or two.  I meant to take a picture, but ended up getting a phone call while we were sitting there, so I missed my chance.  Once we stopped to get out, I went to open the door.  Backseats of cruisers, though, do not open from the inside (for obvious reasons).  Had to wait a second for the trooper to free us!!  Thank you, sir, for the ride.  And, thank you for having a very clean car!  (It either must be new, or he must not deal with too many icky criminals!)


Finally, one very bright spot of the day was receiving this awesome "Thank You" card and picture in the mail from the Spirit Cheer Team!  So nice of them to think of me and go out of their way to say thanks for the story I did a few weeks ago!  All the girls signed it, and it will stay up on my desk to hopefully cheer me up when I need it. :)


Hope you all stay warm and safe tonight!!

Until next time,


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