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What's with all the skunks?

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It's not uncommon to see road kill on your way to work.

But lately, viewers have been asking "What's up with all the dead skunks?"

If you take a look at our 14News Facebook Page, you can see that very question has stirred up quite the discussion. It got over 150 comments and another 50 shares.

Some viewers said it's because of mating season, and they're right.

14News spoke with Neal Bogan, a naturalist at Wesselman's Nature Society.

He says since it is breeding season, the male skunks are out looking for a mate.

Bogan says its common for them to live in town, but since they're nocturnal, you may not notice. And with the length of their mating season, you'll probably continue to see them along the roadways.

"Breeding season goes til maybe middle of April," says Bogan. "And what you're seeing now is a lot of males. I mean you got a lot of jazzed up, hormone-infused males running around looking for women. That's what you get on the road. They're not paying attention to other stuff. Just like any college guy or anything like that."

Animal Control is in charge of picking up the animals on city and county roads, while the State Highway Department handles 164 and 41.

Both agencies said they haven't taken many calls about skunks along the roadways.

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