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Gov. Beshear asks for electricity compromise

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A dispute between two Tri-State Aluminum Smelters and a utility company over electric rates is getting some attention from Frankfort.

Governor Steve Beshear sent a letter to Big Rivers and Century Aluminum asking for a compromise.

Big River's Marty Littrell says Big Rivers has been in contact with Century Aluminum each day this week talking about possible solutions.

Governor Beshear's letter to the CEOs of both Century Aluminum and Big Rivers urgers both parties to find "a solution that would erode fears of rate increases and the potential for loss of employment."

Tuesday, Democratic Representative Jim Gooch filed a bill proposing a forced merger between Big Rivers and East Kentucky Power Cooperative.

Thursday, co-owner of Ace's Guns and Sporting Goods, Monty Quinn, says a large percentage of his sales comes from Century employees.

He says Century Aluminum being in operation adds so much to the tight-knight community's economy.

"When times are rough, most of them can turn around and join together and say well, we're going to get through this," says Quinn. "We're going to make things better. Better days are coming I guess I'm trying to say."

Click here to read Governor Beshear's letter. 

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