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TONIGHT AT 10: 911 Waiting Game

When a 911 call comes in, it can be chaotic in a dispatch call center.

All parties in a hurry to get to the scene as quickly as possible.

But volunteer fire fighters in Northern Warrick County say sometimes the wrong departments are being called out.

Recently, there was a medic run where timing was critical.

It was a stroke patient and run reports show the nearest first responders were not notified and they say something has to change.

Warrick County Sheriff Bret Kruse is in charge of the dispatch call center.

He's calling for a boundaries agreement between townships put in writing.

"The fire chiefs know, I told them," says Kruse. "I told them what I was chief deputy because I was over dispatch then. We need it in writing."

In an email Thursday, Sheriff Kruse says Warrick County Dispatch received Skelton Owen Volunteer Fire Department's request for a renewed "dual response" zone along Lincoln Trail Road and he says the computers were updated the same day.

However, they're still waiting on another document from the volunteer fire departments.

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