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McGary Middle School celebrates 50 years with a look back

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McGary Middle School is celebrating its 50th anniversary by putting on a musical and the school wants to get alumni involved. 

Students are hard at work setting up for the McGary musical.

"We knew we wanted it to center around a teacher, and then thought it'd be really fun to just make it a play through the decades," said Elizabeth Schmidt, teacher, assistant director of play.

Courtney Skinner and Rex Loney play the lead roles.

She is the teacher, and Rex plays a teacher named Vinny Lanino.

"One of the main reasons Vinny Lanino lives is cannolis," said Rex.

Students, Courtney and Rex included, dove deep into research and wrote the play from scratch.

"Oh that was, you remember how hard that was?," said Courtney.

"They had to go through and find out what were the fads of that time," said Schmidt. "What were the big things that were happening."

Some of the fads surprised these guys.

"Big voluminous hair, like the bumps, the beehive," said Courtney.

"Bell bottoms," said Rex. "Just bell bottoms."

Students are building the set themselves.

While the musical won't start until March, the Ms. Schmidt wants alumni to pitch in right now by sending video messages.

If anything from your memories or funny stories at McGary, "Especially about teachers who are here now that they might have had, because we have a couple that have been here a long time,"said Schmidt.

Just shoot the video on a flip cam or post in on Youtube and just send the link to the school.

The musical will be March 19th and 20th at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets will not be available at the door, so if you're interested, call McGary School to order yours. 

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