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Krispy Kreme plus Oreo Equals ?

We just received a very interesting press release in the newsroom. It is from the folks at Krispy Kreme announcing a new ingredient they are temporarily adding to their slightly addictive donuts.

Here's what the press release said: This Dynamic Duo of Oreo cookies and Krispy Kreme doughnuts is available through April 21 at Krispy Kreme US locations.   
  Cookies and KREME Cake Doughnut, made with OREO® Cookies - traditional chocolate cake doughnut infused with OREO cookie pieces, topped with white icing, OREO cookie pieces and a dollop of blended OREO flavored KREME with OREO cookie pieces. 
  Cookies and KREME Doughnut, made with OREO® Cookies - Filled with a blend of OREO flavored KREME filling and OREO cookie pieces and topped with dark chocolate icing and OREO cookie pieces.

So we want to know.... Is this something you would try?

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