Ice, Ice Baby

If you happened todrive through Keystone Subdivision today, perhaps you noticed a purplereporter-cicle.  That was me, in my purple coat.  It was prettychilly out today!! Some cold days, you win the luck of the draw and get tocover an indoor story.  Sometimes, ya don't! I had to be out for about anhour or so shooting video and talking to neighbors about some break-ins thathave been happening.  And, let's just get it out there... I am a HUGE wimpwhen it comes to the cold!!!  

Now it seems we may run into some fairly brutal weather tomorrow.  I'mhoping for the best on that one.  I'm second in line to be called in earlyif things get bad, sooo we will see what happens!

I'm writing today from home, so going to keep it short.  Fingers crossedtomorrow I won't be writing about sleet, freezing rain or snow!!

Until next time,