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Lawsuit claims school district didn't do enough to stop bullying that led to student's suicide

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Shay Crabtree Shay Crabtree

A McLean County family is suing several members of the school district, saying they didn't do enough to stop the bullying that led to their son's suicide.

But the district is denying the claims.

In the lawsuit, Brian and Lori Crabtree name the McLean Superintendent, McLean County High School administrators, coaches and a teacher.

To read the lawsuit, click here.

The Crabtree's claim their son was bullied and hazed while he was a member of the basketball team and that abuse started in 2010 and continued until their son's death in November of 2011.

Shay hanged himself on November 2. The family says they found a note in their garage where Shay's body was found, indicating that the bullying and harassment were the reasons for his suicide.

When 14 News asked the Crabtrees more than a year ago, if they think that the school system has a bullying problem, Lori said, "Yes, it is bad. My son's not here anymore."

In the suit, the Crabtree's claim that the school failed to provide an environment free of "hazing, bullying and intimidation."

Shay's parents say that their son's death was a direct result staff members failing to protect their son from the abuse he repeatedly reported.

Attorneys for the family and the school district declined to comment on Wednesday.

We do have the response filed by the school district's attorney. It states that Shay's parents did not make reports regarding hazing or bullying that happened while Shay was a member of the basketball team, as they claim in the lawsuit.

Click here to read the response from the school district's attorney.

The Crabtree's suit also indicates they would like a jury to hear the case.

Here are more claims of bullying made by McLean County athletes dating back to 2010:

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