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Are you getting what you pay for at local gas pumps?

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Local drivers said it doesn't matter what gas costs, they have to bite the bullet and fill up. How accurate are local pumps and are you really getting what you pay for?

Vanderburgh County Weights and Measures inspects every gas pump, every year. To check to make sure consumers got the right amount they paid for, officials pump 5 gallons of gasoline into a drum.

When those five gallons are pumped, the measurement on the drum should read zero. The state of Indiana allows stations to be 5 measurements under or 5 over, but Vanderburgh County only gives 3 points in either direction. Jeff Goodwin with Weights and Measures tested it out.

"It's 2 under so that's good, if it's 3 or under we would reject it, and if it was 3 or over we would reject it, and it falls in between our tolerance, so it's a good meter," Goodwin said.

The meters inside all pumps have small metal tags. If inspectors see that the tag is cut, the amount of gas you receive can be altered.

Officials say one cut tag can be up to a $10,000 fine. 

If you suspect the gas pumps are inaccurate, call the Weights and Measures office at 812-435-5745.

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