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Vanderburgh Co. woman finds man hiding in her closet

On Tuesday, around 6:45 PM, Vanderburgh County deputies were called to the 6100 block of Porterfield Drive regarding a burglary in progress.

When deputies arrived they found the female resident running across the street and talking to Central Dispatch on her cell phone.

The resident told the deputies that she had been away and was returning home. When she arrived home, she talked to the neighbors and then entered her house from the garage.

While in the kitchen, she began hearing a noise coming from her bedroom.

She went to check it out and noticed the door partially closed, which she thought was unusual.

When she entered the bedroom, a man jumped out of her closet and pushed her to the floor. He then fled out the back door and headed north.

The resident, thankfully, was not hurt during the encounter.

The deputies who answered the call cleared the home but couldn't find the suspect.

Deputy Bryan Bishop deployed his K9 partner, Bosko, who tracked the suspect to the Goebel Soccer Complex on Green River Road. Deputies believe that's where he took off in a waiting vehicle.

The deputies on the scene did locate a broken window on the back side of the home and processed the whole scene for evidence.

If you happened to see anything odd in that neighborhood last night, please contact Sheriff's investigators at (812)421-6201.

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