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Owensboro agency says there's need for foster families


An Owensboro foster agency says there are a lot of foster kids, but not enough homes for them.

A local therapeutic foster care agency in Owensboro says there is a huge need for foster families right here in western Kentucky.

Carol Schroader has lived on her farm in Horse Branch for 40 years. Her favorite part of living in Ohio County is being in the country.

"I live here with my husband Rogers and our three foster children. We love living out here in the country. It's the best place to raise kids," Carol Schroader said.

Carol and her husband raised five children before becoming foster parents eight years ago.  She has provided a stable environment for one hundred kids to live in.

"They come up to you and say, 'Mom, I love you. You are the best Mom we ever had' or 'you make the best food, mom.' Things like that just melt your heart," Schroader said.

Benchmark Family Services in Owensboro says that there is a huge demand for foster families in the area.

"We need more foster parents because children are abused and neglected on a daily basis and we need to break the cycle of abuse," said Amanda Boyd, with Benchmark.

Boyd was a foster mother before adopting five of her foster kids. She says a lot of people are misinformed about the process of becoming a foster parent.

Benchmark services say it's a few steps that require background checks, a safe home, and 36 hours of training.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a foster parent or adopting a foster child, head to Benchmark Family Services website.

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