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Being an "investigative reporter"

I am, by nature, a feature reporter.  According to my job title, I'm a "general assignment" reporter.  And today, I was a bit of an investigative reporter.  This is, admittedly, not my most comfortable "beat", so to speak.  I'd prefer to live in a news land full of unicorns, rainbows and generally happy things, BUT, that's not the way it goes a lot of the time!  Today, I had to cover what seems to be a pretty sad story.  I say "seems" because we don't exactly know the outcome of it yet. 

We DO know that a McCutchanville firefighter has been investigated by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office for possible misuse of thousands of dollars from the Jeremy Tighe Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Jeremy was a firefighter who died in an accident while riding in a fire truck almost a year ago.  Anyway, it's a bit of a tough story to cover because at this point, the firefighter hasn't been named.  We're now waiting to see if he ends up being charged by the prosecutor's office. 

It's just sad overall that this is happening right around the anniversary of Jeremy's death.  The Sheriff's Office is leading me to believe this is one person who made some bad decisions.  And those decisions are now being discovered and made public during this sensitive time.  The one good thing is that we're told the money that had been missing was returned to the fund. 

On a much lighter note, my other story today was about Showplace South on the East Side.  I saw quite a few movies there during my younger days. :)  Soon though, it sounds like it will be a thing of the past.  


At South, they still use film to show the movies.  (Other theaters have gone digital.)  So apparently film companies will likely move away from releasing actual film versions of movies in future.  This means Showplace South will have no product. 


Converting the theater to digital could cost a MILLION bucks, according to their GM.  That—isn't an investment they're willing to make.  So, we're told they're "99%" sure they'll be tearing down the theater sometime this summer.  I'll have to try to get to another movie there before then!!  (Although, the $2 movies I grew up with have increased in price since then.  Weekend nights they're now $4.  Still, much cheaper than a regular movie on a Saturday night!)

Ok, that's it for today.  Got to go burn off the 10 or so Thin Mints I ate earlier at hot yoga.  Really, all I want to do is lie on the couch and fall asleep.  I'm tired tonight!!  Hope you are all doing well! 

Until next time,


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