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Waiting for winter to mix it up again

Winter storm watches are posted to our west as the next system takes shape over the Pacific.  The models are still bringing low pressure into the Mississippi Valley by Wednesday night/early Thursday.  Here in the Tri-State, we'll likely see a wintry mix overnight Wednesday into early Thursday.  Surface temperatures will range around 20 degrees, while temps aloft will be slightly above freezing.

The warmer air aloft will cause a wintry mix to fall…either sleet or freezing rain.  The good news is that the greatest available water for precip is to our south, so we shouldn't see a large amount of the mix. 

As winds shift around to the south on Thursday, temperatures will warm above freezing, and any remaining mix should melt away.  The timing of all this is still a little up in the air, but the current models seem to support the wintry mix early Thursday morning, with warmer temps arriving in the afternoon.

We'll have to see if the next round of model data gives us a better idea of timing and amounts.

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