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More than a dozen reports of vandalism plague Newburgh neighborhood

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The Warrick County Sheriff's Office is investigating as many as 15 vandalism reports in the Halston Manor neighborhood. 

Neighbors say graffiti was on houses, garages, signs, basketball poles, utility boxes, mailboxes and sidewalks.

"It's a really family friendly neighborhood, a lot of kids running around, pretty quiet, we all know each other as neighbors, it's a really nice neighborhood," Suzanne Selby said.

Selby's neighbors have been picking up trash and using 'goof off' to remove what vandals left Saturday night.

"Sunday morning on our way to church, I noticed it on the board, really surprised because that usually doesn't happen around here," Selby said.

Brenda Land takes care of her daughter's home in the neighborhood and couldn't believe an area she considers a vacation spot, was disturbed.  

"We've never had any problems at all," Land said.

But neighbors say they don't think it's dangerous.

"It's like they're trying to pretend to be a gang, but they're not," she said.

If it was just mischievous teenagers, residents think the rumor mill will lead them to the suspects.  

"People are talking you know, especially the younger kids in the area have already told us a little but about what they've seen so something to watch out for," Selby said.

Which is exactly what neighbors are doing, leaving outside lights on, driving through the neighborhood more and watching out for one another.

"If I was wanting to be safe, this is where I'd go, you know what I'm saying, you never see anybody wandering the neighborhood," Land said.

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