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Look for more changes to Henderson Riverfront

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Look for more changes along the Henderson Riverfront. 

City commissioners still have about a million dollars left in the Riverfront Fund, and they've just come up with a list of potential projects for the riverfront, and the community as well. 

"I use it a lot in the summer, I take my guitar down, I'm a songwriter and recording artist, and I go down there," said Marc Cunninghammer, Henderson Resident.

The Henderson Riverfront has become popular among residents like Cunninghammer, and it may still see a few more improvements with in the next two years.

The city has just released a list 13 potential project ideas for the riverfront.

Highest on the list: "Development of a permanent stage in Audubon Mill Park," said Russell Sights, city Manager. "More water feature activities on water street, where the children's water feature is right now."

City commissioners have also made a list of community projects for the next two years.

Industrial development was the number one priority, but Sights says finding land might be the biggest challenge.

"There is no public land that is owned by the city that is available for sale," said Sights.

The number two is finding a use for the vacant power plant along the river front.

There have been many ideas suggested, including building a boutique hotel, something Cunninghammer doesn't agree with.

"I don't know how smart it is to take down an infrastructure that actually makes power in this day when electricity costs are going up," said Cunninghammer.

Of course, the before any major decisions are made.

Russell "the first thing that has to happen is an environmental analysis.. At that sight, we know that there is some Asbestos," said Sights.

Commissioners will decide which projects to use money for between now and May when they approve a budget. 

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