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Taking A Stand: Book Banning

For those of us who grew up in the baby boomer generation, the idea of banning books congers up memories of Hitler and book burning in Nazi Germany. Scary stuff.

This week some parents protested in front of Washington Middle School in Evansville, because of a reading assignment of the violent book called, Hunger Games.

The book is set in the future, where young people battle to the death. Its violent.

The school sent letters to parents explaining the books plot and the reason it was chosen for the reading assignment.

The middle school offered the opportunity to parents to opt out their children without loss of grade. The parents argue that this book "is not part of literature."

Here's my stand: I don't like banning books.

I support parents rights to decide what their children should read. I do not support parents deciding what other children should read. I think Washington Middle School could have picked many alternative books that would better enhance their reading skills and be more sensitive to the overwhelming violence in our children's lives.

That's my stand.

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