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Evansville Museum offering a variety of spring classes

The Evansville Museum is offering a variety of classes for this spring.

They have different classes geared toward different age groups. Registration is required 

The first class they're offering is for adults with school aged children.

It focuses on science.

Museum officials say parents can sometimes be overwhelmed when it comes to helping their kids with science projects or those tricky questions on homework.

The class will include hands on experiments and discussion with former science teacher Jim Price.

This class is recommended for parents with children in upper elementary to middle school but anyone can attend.

"Especially for parents who home school," said Josh Gilmore, Evansville Museum. "This is a great class to help teach parents to teach their kids science. It's a class about how to do experiments with your kids. What exactly school kids are learning about science for different ages," he said.

This class is set for Saturday, March 2, but you must register by this Friday, the 22nd.

There are several more classes coming up after this one. Click here to find out about those.

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