First Freezing Rain

So long spring weather…lower 60s from Monday are gone and winter is back.

A potential icing system could develop in time for the morning commute/school day on Thursday. Why? Cold air will be locked in place with lows in the 20s late Wednesday and early on Thursday.  A mix of freezing rain, sleet, and some snow will be possible.  Temps will rise above freezing during the day with highs in mid to upper 30s. Good enough to ease any morning travel issues.

Most of the ice accumulation will stay to our west in Missouri. However, just a sliver of freezing rain is notorious for causing travel problems, snapped tree limbs, and dropped power lines.

Where could we catch a break? My thinking is the current path will be a tad slower which would mean a later arrival time with most of the precip falling as rain after temps push above freezing.