Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pump Pain

Gas prices are at a four-month high after 32 days of hikes at the pump. We'll take a look at prices across the country and what we're paying here in the Tri-State throughout the morning on Sunrise.

On Trial

The trial of one of several suspects in a Vanderburgh County home invasion is expected to start this morning. That story's coming up around 6:30.

Bleach Baby

We have a pretty unbelievable story in Florida. A man is accused of child abuse for allegedly putting bleach in his baby's bottle. He says it was an innocent decision based on bad parenting advice. Don't miss this story coming up around 6:03.

Coffee with a Cop

Emily Mieure is hanging out at Donut Bank this morning and the men and women in blue. She'll tell you all about it at 5 a.m. and 6 a.m on Sunrise.

Wind, Snow and Cold

Byron says the winds will die down later today and we could see a little snow this morning, along with much colder temps.  Plus, Thursday could be a tricky morning commute.  He'll tell you all about it in his 14 First Alert Forecast.


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See you soon!