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Livermore gets some special funding to work on infrastructure

The City of Livermore is getting some special help from the State of Kentucky as the city updates and works on its infrastructure. 

The City of Livermore has spent 18 months developing their sewers and waste water treatment facilities. Now, the city has received special funding from the state to map out their infrastructure.

The City of Livermore is almost finished with their $2.8 million project to fix the city's water system. 

"We have a high quality system that will hopefully work for the next 30 years or so," Mayor John Renfrow said.

The State of Kentucky recently gave the City of Livermore special funding for their water treatment system and they're going to use it to map out the water and sewer lines.

"I think one of the key components for having a map like this is it will give the city operations team a clear picture of where our existing lines are," Mayor Renfrow.

The idea being a map will cut the chances that someone might dig into and cut the lines.

"This is just an additional enhancement for the city and the citizens who live here," Mayor Renfrow said. 

Mayor Renfrow says it will take a couple of months to complete the mapping project.

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