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New policy aims to keep Warrick Co. student athletes safe after concussions

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The Warrick County School Corporation wants to keep its student athletes safe when it comes to concussions. It's part of a state-wide mandate and a national push to keep kids from getting hurt.

Studies show it happens more than we know. A young athlete suffering a dangerous concussion and allowed back in the game too soon.

Now, a new policy aims to keep boys and girls from being put back in harm's way.

Two years ago, Castle High soccer player Ashley Hampton knew her three concussions could have sidelined her for good.

"The second concussion, I was really scared because I was knocked out. This last one, I was unconscious. I didn't even remember the game," Hampton said.

On Monday night, the Warrick County school board took action to help players like Hampton, before it's too late.

"They play through these concussions, but there's a great price to pay later in life, so we're going to make sure we take good care of our kids," Warrick County Schools Superintendent Brad Schneider said.

The concussion and head injury policy requires parents and students to be educated about the risks of concussions and trainers or doctors must clear athletes before they return to play.

"I know some of our hardcore athletes just get their bell rung and they're competitive, they want to play. But our trainers and our coaches are going to be the ones saying, 'no,' Schneider said.

In a recent study, researchers found concussions in young athletes caused abnormal brain activity for up to two years. A huge price to pay, educators would like to keep from happening.

"We talk about school safety. That is very important and this is just another component of keeping our kids safe," Schneider said.

This policy is a mandate that is being adopted throughout the state.

Schneider says much of what was approved on Monday, they were already doing. The policy went immediately into effect.

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