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Mt. Vernon school officials planning mock shooting to improve safety plan

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Mt. Vernon school officials are planning a mock school shooting with blank rounds to make for a very real experience. 

It's the next step in developing an improved safety plan.
A school board meeting took place inside Mt. Vernon Junior High School. Both the superintendent and the sheriff presented their plans for a mock shooting.

14 caught up with a Mt. Vernon mom earlier Monday, to see how she feels about the drill.

Anna Bethel was running errands with her little ones, as usual. But after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the mother of two was a little nervous..

"And knowing my son was close around to the age of those kids. Was a little taken aback, but I feel pretty safe to send him," Bethel said.  

The safety of Mt. Vernon schools will be tested with a mock shooting later this month.

"It could be a good thing because then teachers are ready and prepared for when things like that do happen.

"Hopefully none of our staff will hear gunshots in a building, we will never have that situation. But to practice and make sure that if something does happen, that can take some of that shock," Superintendent Tom Kopatich said.

Kopatich says this is the next step in developing their safety plan. The mock drill, equipped with blank rounds and noisemakers, will be after hours and will test the response of both teachers and law enforcement.

"It's going to be a matter of our staff being in the rooms, then having an intruder, and then from that point to the intruder is captured," Kopatich told 14 News. 

"We have shotgun shell blanks. That's going to make a lot more noise than what a starting pistol-type blank is. So, we may be experimenting a little bit with those type things. But, again, this is just some training that is going to put some things into perspective," Posey County Sheriff Greg Oeth said. 

The first drill will be done at Farmersville Elementary school. No students will be in the building at that time.

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