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Rainy days and Mondays... are not fun

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Nothing too interesting to report today, though my morning did start off on a slightly humorous news-related note.  I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning I woke up from a dream where my dear friend Sarah and I (at least I think it was the two of us) were hiding behind something watching a serial burglar in the act.  I had a camera and was getting some great footage!  Ha!  I think this must have come up because I reported on a serial burglar about a week or so ago.  In the dream, the police came and caught him.  It would be great if that would happen soon in real life, too!

The rest of the day was fine, but somewhat uneventful.  I covered a couple things in Evansville and one in Mt. Vernon.  Three stories about things either being built or renovated—might be a record for me for one day!! 

Eventually, I ended up live in front of a fire station in the rain and crazy wind at 5pm, which was probably about as fun as it looked on tv!!!  Also not good because I left my cute, huge umbrella with polka dots at someone's house in Henderson County probably about a month ago while covering a story. 

Today I had to use the little extra umbrella that hangs out in the equipment room.  Luckily it was there!  I'll have to get a new good umbrella here soon!  The worst part about it was once I realized I'd left my umbrella in the first place, I turned around and went back for it.  Maybe 10 minutes out of the way or something.  Got there, and it wasn't there.  But, I know that's where it was!   Someone there has a nice big polka dot umbrella to enjoy now at my expense, I guess!! :)  Ahhh well…   

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