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Some Gibson Co. residents under boil advisory until further notice

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Monday morning, the residents of Patoka, Indiana found out the entire town will be under a boil order until further notice.

The town is changing it's water filtration system. 

Teddy Ventress, manager of the Crooked River Bar and Grill in Patoka, is getting ready for the lunch rush...tomorrow.

"I've already got 6 gallons of ice tea made up just in case...some of them can drink a pitcher of ice tea at lunch," said Ventress.

And she's got more brewing on the stove.

"We won't be able to serve the fountain drinks, or anything so I'll have to run to town and buy and couple cases for the lunch crowd," she said.

The entire town of about 900 or so people will be boiling their water come Tuesday.

Water officials tell us this a routine thing.

"Our plant's 11-12 years old and after so many years the media inside you filter need to be changed up. That consists of several layers of gravel and sand," said J.B. Brines, Water Superintendent.

The water superintendent of Patoka tells us that's about a 2 day process, but the town has to get water samples back before the order can be lifted.

"Hopefully by Friday we'll get test results back," said Brines. "It'll be too late to get something in the newspaper we'll post flyers around town when it's lifted."

Ventress is hoping she'll get the news on Friday, because otherwise she says, "Over the weekend it'll be a bigger problem. Saturday nights we always have karaoke, it's really busy."

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