Laughter yoga therapy

Venezuelans are battling stress, with laughter.

During the "laughter yoga" therapy session in Venezuela's capital of Caracas participants are encouraged not only to laugh at themselves but look into others' eyes and watch them laugh too.
The idea is that laughter is contagious.
Instructor, Jesus Regetti says,  "Gender does not matter here, nor does economic level, where you come from, or political beliefs. The intention is for people to come and laugh with other people for an hour or more. No matter what you know, you'll laugh in the end."
And participants agree, "It helps your isolation, and it helps you understand that there are things besides the political situation that we can enjoy in this country. Its people, for example."
Laughter yoga sessions are typically free of charge and held in public spaces.
An Indian physician created laughter yoga - the practice has now spread to more than six-thousand laughter clubs.

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