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Hearts for Hailee healing local girl's battle with cancer

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Hailee Cunningham is just like any other little girl. She likes princesses, playing with her brother and is on a Tee Ball team. But when she fell four feet from a Uhaul in September, an MRI revealed more than just scrapes and bruises.  

"If she had her hair you wouldn't know she was sick," Hailee's mom Rachel said.

Just before Thanksgiving Hailee was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable tumor that is wrapped around her spine.  

A softball sized tumor put Hailee in an incredible amount of pain.  

"She got to the point were she didn't want to walk anymore," Rachel said.

This weekend she was home playing with her brother and laughing at her three cats.  

"We play hide and go seek, we play tag you're it," Hailee said.
Hailee's older brother, Blake, misses her when she's away in Indianapolis.

"I'm just worried," Blake said. 

He says he just wants her to be home to hang out with her and he is a protective older brother.  

"All I had to do was just get her to calm down," Blake said.

Hailee is headed back to Riley's Hospital for her 9th week of chemotherapy.

Then she's headed to Bloomington for radiation treatments. Hailee will have to go under anesthesia 5 days a week, for almost six weeks.

Rachel says she finds strength in her little girl's smile.

"Her happiness, her being happy and not in pain anymore," she said.

Hailee has made incredible progress. The tumor isn't pushing on her bladder anymore, which means it's shrinking.  

"She screamed every time somebody walked in the room because she knew they were going to do something to her," Rachel said.

but those screams, have turned to laughter.  

"Last week when we were there she was walking around the unit like a beauty queen waving at all of the nurses. She was in her Ariel costume that she got for her birthday. She's done a complete 360," Rachel said. 

"Never ever give up," Hailee said. 

There are a number of local benefit events coming up. To learn more visit her website, Hearts for Hailee.

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