"We Love Noah"

Wow, I'm still calming down from that photo finish!  I was down to the wire tonight on my story, for sure!!  This was the Noah James story I wrote about yesterday.

I'm happy to say that everything worked out really well at the game.  Skype worked and Noah and his parents were able to Skype in to see him being recognized in front of the entire crowd!  The fans were so supportive, I even saw some tears.  And maybe the coolest part, some of Noah's swim teammates painted their chests to spell out "We Love Noah".  Awesome!!!

I just talked to Noah's mom on the phone a few minutes ago.  She told me they are heading back to Boonville Sunday once Noah wraps up his five days of treatment for RSV.  They were pleased to get to be a part of everything tonight.  Hopefully, more people will sign up to be organ donors.  That's the goal!!

Ok, ready for the weekend.  And maybe some dinner.  Haven't had a chance to eat just yet!  Worth it though to tell stories about amazing people in the Tri-State!

Night night!

Until next time,