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Family still grieving over death caused by drunk driving

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Michael Kassinger's family said he was a preacher who was a loving father that would do anything for his daughters.

They are still grieving over his death months later.

Sam Kassinger was sitting at home with his family when he received an unexpected call from his younger brother Joey.

"The first thing he said was Mikey's dead," says Sam. "The next half hour or so was kind of a blur, kind of hazy. I remember holding my kids and I remember them crying really hard."

Michael Kassinger and his family were hit by a man who was later charged with driving under the influence among other charges.

Michael was pronounced dead at the wreck and his wife and daughters were taken to different hospitals.

Sam visited his niece that same day.

She was so badly injured, Sam didn't even recognize her.

"I went to the nurse and I said, 'I'm supposed to be here to see my little niece Savannah' cause I thought they put me in the wrong room," says Sam. "They said no, that's her, her little face, it's almost a horrific rug burn across her whole face."

Sam says his sister in law and two nieces are still in bad shape from the October accident and have a long recovery ahead of them.

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