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New coffee bean said to help lose weight, fast

There's a supplement that promises to help you drop weight fast.

It's called green bean coffee extract.

It's so popular, it's flying off store shelves but does it work as promised?

Can these little green coffee beans help you lose weight?

"There is some evidence that the green coffee bean extract may help people lose eight," says Dr. Beth Kitchin R.D., Ph.D..

"We always try to tell them you really have to have the right expectations going in to it," sas Kenny Camp.

Fans of green coffee bean extract says it's a miracle pill.

But registered dietician Dr. Beth Kitchin doesn't completely buy it.

"There have been some human studies that show it may help a little bit so we have to be really careful to tell people that this is not a magic bullet to weight loss, you might get a little bit of a moderate effect, you might lose 3-5 pounds compared to if you haven't taken it," says Dr. Kitchin.

Kenny Camp sells the supplement at his health food store.

"Just since last April, so we're closing in on a year now," says Camp. "May be a thousand bottles have been sold, a lot of repeat customers, a lot of new customers too, so that to me says there are a lot of customers getting results from it."

Camp says make sure the product is the highest quality, and of course, pair it with a sensible diet and exercise.

The problem for nutritionists like Dr. Kitchin, supplements are not regulated by the FDA.

"So you may be buying that $50-$60 supplement and it may say it's green coffee bean extract, but it could have no green coffee bean extract in it, so you really don't know what you're getting, so it's very much, buy beware," says Dr. Kitchin.

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