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Luxury townhouses coming to a campus near you

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Students at the University of Evansville will have a new luxury living option next year. Townhouses complete with granite counter tops and flat screen TVs are drawing interest from students on campus. 

Six buildings with a total of 36 townhouses will be built at Walnut Street and Rotherwood Avenue as well as between Weinbach Avenue and Frederick Street. where some of the 36 town houses will be built.

"It's right here next to all of my classes, but I can still have my own apartment where I can do all my cooking and sort of be a little more autonomous," third-year student Jesse Willingham said.

With that independence, Jesse says one amenity had him sold.

"For four people it has it's own washer and dryer, so there's no more carrying stuff back and forth to a laundry room, it's a lot more convenient that way," Willingham said.

Marian Clements and her friends were also checking out some of the amenities today.  

"What they have planned so far sounds amazing, the price however is supposed to be quite steep. I'm on scholarship, so I can't really afford it," Clements said.

"The pricing that we're still trying to work through would be close to $7,700 for the year, so for both semesters combined," Jeff Wolf, Vice President of Fiscal Affairs and Administration said.

That's more than $800 per person each month. But officials say the price is comparable to living in other apartment complexes in the area.  

Just a few months ago Marian lived in a house that is going to be demolished for the new construction. She says parking is another concern.

"It's going to tighten parking a little bit, but hopefully there will be enough parking on campus," Clements said.

"Parking lots that will be somewhat displaced, the gravel lot that is back on what we call the west village side currently will go away," Wolf said.

Officials say the new lot by the basketball facility will not be affected, rather it gives those buildings a paved lot.  

Three of the town homes will be ready by August 1st. One more opens in October and the final two in December for the start of spring semester. 

Following on more zoning meeting with the city, construction should start in a few weeks. 

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