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Deputies and dogs descend on Hopkins Co. school for drug sweep

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Just over a week after three Hopkins County students were charged with drug trafficking there was a drug search Friday at another Hopkins County school.

14 News was the only TV news team there as drug dogs made their sweep.

The search took place at Hopkins County Central High School and involved three K-9's and their handlers.

Law enforcement searched areas inside the school, as well as the parking lot.

K-9 Deputy Jamie Lampton is pleased with the results.

"Inside the school today was great for us and for the school," said Lampton. "We did not find anything inside today. I think a total of 12 to 16 rooms were searched today, several lockers."

All three dogs did, however, show what's called an odor of interest on one car in the parking lot.

"An odor of interest is anything that the's a different odor, but it's not on that he's trained one as the four narcotics," said Lampton.

According to Lampton, those are meth, crack, marijuana, and heroin.

A search of the car found nothing, but Deputy Lampton says that's not always the case.

Deputy Lampton "Through the odor of interest have come up with prescription pills, firearms," said Lampton. "Just two weeks ago, an odor of interest in a vehicle down in Bowling Green revealed a shank, which is a knife object."

School administrators welcome the searches and feel that today's went well.

"We're certainly glad nothing was found. We do take school safety very seriously, and that involves the drug searches," said Lori Harrison, Hopkins County Schools.

"We don't want to find it. If it's here, we want to, but if we don't, then it's a good day," said Deputy Lampton.

These searches take place a few times each year.

The Allen and Ohio County Sheriff's Offices also took part in today's search. We're told it was planned three weeks ago - before the recent student arrests. 

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