Canada clips our temps

Alberta Clippers…sounds like the name of a hockey team or an actual NBA team…but it is a weather system that impacts us in the form of colder temps and bursts of snow. Can you name the hockey team from Alberta and or the capital?

Alberta Clippers grab their name from the western Canadian province from which they descend. Most clippers are in a hurry and they are thirsty…moisture starved. Why? The clippers that impact our weather stay well away from the waters of the Great Lakes, Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Remember Thursday…a high of 58-degrees…today… only in the upper 30s. This Alberta Clipper is bringing colder temps with scattered snow….but there is a dearth of moisture…so nothing to shovel this time.  Some Alberta Clippers can impact us with 1 to 2 inches of snow.


Clipper season is winding down though. With the days getting longer and the average high climbing…season runs December through February.