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Road Trip!!

Doing things a littledifferently tonight. I'm emailing this entry to our web department from myphone, so hopefully it works! Been an unusual day! I just got back about anhour ago from a little road trip to St. Louis.

Here's how I ended up there...

A couple of weeks ago I started coordinating a story about a junior atBoonville HS who recently won a state award, the Indiana Spirit of Sport Award.Noah James is a double lung transplant recipient, and just months after theoperation he was back in the pool swimming on Boonville's team.  Prettyawesome!

Well tomorrow night at the Boonville basketball game, Noah will be recognizedfor his great accomplishment. It's also Organ Donation Awareness night.

We were all scheduled to film Noah at swim practice yesterday, then found outhe came down with RSV and is receiving treatment at St. Louis Children'sHospital.  He will have to miss the big event tomorrow as he won't be ableto come home until the weekend.

We were hoping to kind of exchange some video with our NBC affiliate station inSTL, but it wasn't working out so I got the green light to go myself. Glad I did.  Oftentimes I prefer just doing it myself...that way Iknow what I'm working with!!

So, I made it to St. Louie in about 2 hours, 40 minutes.  Spent not even 2hours there and headed home.  Made it back in time to watch the final4-plus minutes of the Lady Aces' game at the Ford Center.  Not a goodoutcome.  Up big and gave it away, boo!

Now I'm just waiting on my Valentine, who, as a coach, will likely not be inthe most romantic of moods after that loss...

Ah well.  I'm not too too big on Valentine's Day, anyway.  Do hope ittreated you well, though!

That's all she wrote for tonight. :)

Until next time,


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