1 in 6 Adults can't read this headline

America has a reading problem.  A national adult literacy survey found 42,000,000 people in the US are illiterate.   That's a problem, because people who are illiterate often have difficulty finding and keeping jobs.  They can't read applications well enough to fill them out.  Illiteracy also puts a strain on local, state, and federal tax payers.

Locally, Evansville is home to The Literacy Center, which is a non-profit tutoring center.  It provides free and confidential reading courses to adults 18 and up.

But because it's a non-profit, the group depends on fundraisers to keep the doors open.

There are two coming up:


Saturday, Feb. 16th

What you need to know

All day Saturday, you can pick up a free voucher at Barnes & Noble in Evansville.  Use it when you make your purchase.  Store proceeds will be given to The Literacy Center.


Saturday, Feb. 23rd

What you need to know

The event is open to the public.  Players of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to enter. Teams may consist of 1 - 3 players.  The cost to play is $50 per team.

Participants can play for prizes and recognition in the "Competitive" division or play for laughs in the "Just for Fun" division.

Click here for registration information:

For more information about the Barnes & Noble Bookfair, Letters for Literacy SCRABBLE® Tournament or The Literacy Center, please visit www.litcenter.org or contact Jennifer Wigginton, Executive Director, at (812) 429-1222 or by e-mail at jennifer@litcenter.org.