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Stolen Blessings needing help to spread drunk driving awareness

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A Huntingburg woman's started a new organization to raise money for drunk driving awareness and she says she needs your help to make it a success.

In 2005, Michelle Sims lost her husband in a drunk driving accident.

Now, here on Valentine's Day, 8 years later, Sims is doing what she can to honor her husband Sean while raising awareness for drunk driving.

"To educate our children and even, like I said, ourselves on the dangers is a good thing," says Sims. "It's a worthwhile cause."

In December of 2012, Sims created a new fundraising organization in Huntingburg, 'Stolen Blessings.'

An idea she's had for years but hasn't had time for.

"My husband was killed by a drunk driver in 2005," says Sims. "At that time, I was quite a bit overwhelmed. I had a two-year-old girl, as his daughter. And so, I was a full time mom."

Sims says she now has the time and energy needed to run her organization and she says she's already scheduled nationally renowned speaker Chris Sandy, to visit schools in Dubois, Perry, and Spencer Counties this Spring.

The only problem is, she needs more money to see those convocations through.

"We're needing to raise a total of $5,000," says Sims.

Sims has already organized a dinner-auction benefit for March 2 and has begun selling 'Stolen Blessings' t-shirts.

And she says donations from anyone is greatly appreciated.

"I have a great support system and I've had, you know, a lot of my family and friends help out a lot," says Sims. "So it's good, but we have a long way to go in a short time to do it."

Sims says this initial round of events will serve as a strong foundation, when 'Stolen Blessings' ultimately applies to become a 'not-for-profit.'

If you would like to help Stolen Blessings raise those funds for the upcoming convocations, you can contact Michelle Sims.

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