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Communities might have to make changes to public buildings


Some Tri-State communities may have to make some changes to public buildings, sidewalks, and intersections.

It's part of a federal mandate to comply with the Americans with Disabilities, or ADA standings.

In Mt. Vernon, city officials are making sure those with disabilities can easily get around town.

The inventory will look at everything, including public buildings, like the court house, to make sure they have ramps.

Bernardin Louchmeuller & Associates is one Tri-State business that's helping communities complete the study.

"We do have to help the communities develop a plan for how to go forward and fix these things," says Matt Wallace, project engineer. "Many of them are looking at as much as a 20-25 year horizon to say we can only fix so many ramps per year or so many blocks of sidewalk per year."

The project engineer says he's working with at least a dozen local areas to help them get a plan in place so they can begin to make any changes that are needed in order to comply with those ADA standards.

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