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Tri-State mom eager for crippled cruise ship to dock

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The Carnival cruise ship damaged by an engine fire on Sunday is slowly making it's way to port near Mobile, Alabama.

The ship could make port later Thursday night, and no one in the Tri-State is more eager for it to dock than the mother of one of the men on it. 

Anna Harrelson, happened to get a phone call from her son Robert just as our 14 News crew walked in the door.

"I hadn't talked to him until just a few moments ago," said Harrelson. "It was really good to hear his voice," she said.

Robert told his mom he's only had fruit and cereal for the past few days. There's no air conditioning, and the smell is horrible.

"The sewage is in the halls and stuff, and running down the walls" said Harrelson. They're having to sleep on the deck, and they have food to eat, but he's afraid of eating too much meat."

Of course at the White County Senior Center in Carmi, where Anna works, it's all anyone can talk about.

"This is his biggest trip in his life and for it to be ruined, I'm just so sorry for him," said Cindy Conley, Co-Worker.

You can see Robert's pre-trip excitement posted all over his Facebook. He even took a picture of his luggage loaded up in his car.

"That's pretty much, says everything on it," said Conley.

"I get angry at times, and then at times I want to cry but I try not to," said Harrelson. "Kids never grow up to mothers."

As hard as it's been for his mom to watch, Robert hasn't been jaded by the experience.

In fact, he told his mom he would go on another cruise.

"I said you really would? Oh yes mom, I would. He likes to live in adventure though," said Harrelson.

Well this trip he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

Robert says the first thing he's going when he gets back on dry land is take a shower and eat a warm meal.

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