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Parents say novel isn't appropriate in local classroom

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If you drove by Washington Middle School this morning, you may have noticed a few protesters.

A family was marching with signs that read "I don't want to kill" and "Parents stand up."

Ron and Chris Williams along with their daughter, who's in the sixth grade, marched in front of the school because they say they have a point to get across.

"We are protesting because they are reading "The Hunger Games" in her class and my husband and I both feel strongly that it isn't part of literature," said parent Chris Williams.

14 News reached out to the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation. They say this is a book that they've read for multiple years now and up until now they haven't had any problems.

They also say a letter was sent home to parents before the class started reading the book in case any student wanted to opt out.

"We have a policy in place that allows that student to do an alternate assignment. The student will not lose any points," said Sara DeWitt, EVSC.

14 News obtained a copy of that disclaimer.

The letter, dated January 7th, explains the teacher's reasoning behind the assignment.

It also briefly explains the plot of the book and the option to contact the teacher should there be any concerns.

But Chris and Ron say they weren't notified and still strongly believe the book doesn't belong in the classroom.

The EVSC says the book has been read in several classes and believe it gives the students a chance to enhance their literary skills.

The EVSC went on to say the family has the right to protest whatever they please, as long as they stay on public property, which they did.

School officials say they advise all parents and guardians to discuss with their students what they're doing in school on a daily basis.

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