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Bill to raise KY high school drop out rate moves on

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The Kentucky House Committee on Education approved a bill raising the high school drop out rate age from 16 to 18.

HCS Superintendent Dr. Thomas Richey says he thinks the bill is a good idea, one that would require some additional funds from the state.

Henderson Community College student Lindsey Powell tells 14 News she took the GED through HCC's Adult Learning Center in 2010. 

"There have been so many, just new opportunities. So many doors have opened," Powell said.

Powell says she was homeschooled from 7th to 9th grade. But she says that became expensive and she didn't want to go back to a traditional classroom setting.

"Dropping out of school was one of the biggest regrets I have," Powell told 14 News.

Dr. Richey tells 14 News that if house bill 224 passes, he hopes funding comes close behind.

"It's going to require a lot of special services like social services, psychologists, home visitors, all those things helps children adjust," Dr. Richey said.

"You have to keep pushing through even though it's hard sometimes," said senior Katie Mitchell, a student ambassador at HCHS. 

Dr. Richey says Henderson County's high school drop-out rate is low, just around two percent.

Powell, who wants to major in Zoology, tells 14 News she knows first hand how important a high school education is in finding a job and following her dreams.

"If I didn't get my GED, I wouldn't be able to do any of that," Powell said.

The bill now moves on to the house for further consideration. If it passes, Kentucky students would be required to stay in school until age 17 as of July 2017 and until age 18 as of July 2018.

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