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Neighborhood watch on alert after man approached students walking to school

An Evansville neighborhood is on alert after police say a man approached students walking to school. 

Officers say it happened Monday near Glenwood Leadership Academy on Evansville's south side. 

Evansville police say the man approached a group of students on their way to school.

14 News took to the streets on Wednesday to figure out how neighbors feel about the incident and to see how one neighborhood watch group is responding.

"People just do bad things, you know. I hate that, but we just have to look out for each other and do the best we can," neighbor Henry Miles said. 

Miles, a neighbor of the Glenwood School, was surprised to hear that, police say, a man in a black pickup truck tried to pick up a group of students. 

"It's just part of the society we live in. You know, I don't know what it's going to take to really combat it," Miles said. 

That's where the Southeast Side Watch group comes in. 

"I want the good guys and the bad guys to know that, 'Hey, we are watching. We're going be patrolling,'" Tom Littlepage said.

Tom Littlepage, the President of the Southeast Side Watch, says they don't sit back and wait for crime to happen. 

"We text. We use social media. We patrol in our vehicles. We walk patrols if we have to," Littlepage said.

Most of their communicating with residents is done through social media.

"That's the biggest thing is our Facebook site, because that goes out to about 1,300 people," Littlepage said. 

When police said a man approached three kids on their way to school Monday morning, the group's Facebook page was among the first to know. 

"So we automatically knew, okay. We have a description of the guy, we have a description of the vehicle. This was posted around lunchtime and this is before it hit the news media," Littlepage said.

The EPD says they'll be more visible. Officers who work near this area are asked to be around before and after school for the time being.

14 News is also told the EPD is following up on some leads as to who the man is. We'll update you if any new information is released.

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