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You won't find the sign to exit to the OC

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Oakland City is not listed on the exit sign off I-69 and residents say they aren't happy. 

Mayor Hugh Wirth says residents are disgusted and says it's like their town was forgotten.

If you're from out of town, a GPS might help you along. But if you were following the signs along I-69, you may have missed the exit for Oakland City without even knowing it.  

"I know Oakland City isn't big, but it definitely needs to be identified, the other smaller towns are definitely identified, why isn't this one identified," Amy Howard said.

Howard says its as if Oakland City disappeared from the map. As you approach Exit 33 the signs designate Princeton and Huntingburg. There's no mention of Oakland City.
"But then you go up through here, you see Princeton and you take the left for Princeton, but then you see Huntingburg and Huntingburg is about 30 minutes out that way. Why isn't Oakland City when it's right off the exit," Howard said.

Senator Lindel Humes is working on a resolution to get Oakland City on that sign.  

But INDOT officials say signs can only have 2 locations on them, one major city in each direction off the exit.  

INDOT says the sign for Oakland City University should help people figure out it's the Oakland City exit.
"You see Oakland City University, but what if you're not from here, you don't know Oakland City Huntingburg," Howard said.

Drivers who miss the exit, have to go 13 miles before they can turn around.  

"13 miles up that way, you're going to be totally out of your way," Howard said.
"It's just extra mileage when gas is already $3.60 a gallon, you don't want to use any more than you have to," Mike Wirthwein said.

Senator Hume says he hopes the resolution gets through the senate by the end of the month so the town can get the recognition it deserves. 

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