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Gibson County Jail working to prevent spread of dangerous infection

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Gibson County jail officials are working to stop the spread of MRSA a type of staph infection. It's common in correctional facilities across the country, but can't be treated with normal antibiotics.

The jail has about 125 inmates and officials say a few that may be infected with the highly contagious staph infection.

Sheriff George Ballard says it's better to invest nearly $9,000 for preventative measures rather than treating what could become an epidemic among inmates.  

Jails officials say the money is coming from inmate booking fees to build a new inmate property storage room. Additional bedding will also be purchased so items can be washed more often.

Stronger cleaning chemicals are also in the budget so the bacteria can be attacked and destroyed.

In the past, Diane Hornby with the Gibson County Health Department has worked to educate inmates on what to look out for.  

"Usually it will kind of look like a spider bite or a boil or a pimple and so  when that reddened area comes open and you get that thick yellowish discharge, that's where it's really contagious," Hornby said.

MRSA is spread easily through skin to skin contact. Jail officials say some inmates have low immune systems and some don't practice good hygiene, which make ideal breading grounds for the infection.

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