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Hopkins Co. woman celebrates Valentine's Day in a unique way

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Valentine's Day is Thursday, and one Hopkins County woman has her own unique way of both celebrating the holiday and remembering the past.

Some people collect coins, and some people collect stamps, but Judy Carver has a special collection of valentines that's close to her heart.

"Everything is family," said Carver.

Since her childhood and even before that, Carver's relatives have collected, saved, and passed down their valentines.

"Most of them are from the 50's, and they're just so unique, and they're so much fun to get out and read and find out the way it was," said Carver. 

Each one tells its own story.

Carver says this is her oldest, given to her husband's great aunt around 1915.

So just how many does she have?

"Probably have over a hundred. I haven't started counting 'em. Keep thinking I should," said Carver. 

For carver, one of the most important things the valentines do is help remember relatives who have passed away.

"It's a treasure once they're gone," said Carver.

Her husband, Donald, says it's always a treat to show off his wife's work.

Donald "Judy's done a lot of work getting all these, keeping all these things together and getting them together, and I'm quite proud of it," said Donald Carver.

It's the memories attached to the Valentines that mean the most.

"It just kind of brings everything back to me, so I like to keep things (laughs). They're important to me," said Judy. 

Judy's been displaying all of her valentines for about five years and adds to the collection every year.

Another one of Judy's favorite Valentines is one that her father sent her when she was a baby during his time in the service. 

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