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Costly lawsuits over school busing problems

Children forced to walk dangerous routes to school Children forced to walk dangerous routes to school

For eight years now, 19 Action News has brought you stories of busing woes in the Nordonia Hills schools.

Some dealing with safety, others with repeated and expensive lawsuits. As 19 Action News reporter Paul Orlousky has learned they've gone to court again and lost again.

It was a chilling scene - after busing cuts, children in the Nordonia Hills schools forced to walk dangerous routes to school. One little girl was running for her life and nothing was done.

The father of a girl suspended had to go to court to win her reinstatement. The district paid lawyers all the way to the Supreme Court. They lost.

The best job in the legal profession may be representing the Nordonia Hills schools. Lose in court, they pay you to appeal, lose again, appeal again.

The worst job in the insurance business may be representing the Nordonia Hills schools. They've had to pay out again. This time a reported $65,000 to Tina Haynal, a bus driver they fired once, had to pay $60,000 to and were forced to rehire.

Tina's original case dates back to 1998 when she was ordered to move her bus to a spot that blocked a handicap curb cut. She refused saying it blocked handicapped access citing the American's with Disabilities Act. She was fired.

"I have been harassed, discriminated, constantly reprimanded and they have made it an unbearable place to work," said Tina Haynal.

Haynal told the Board of Education that district administrators had a vendetta against her because she beat them in court. They fired her again, so she went to court again.

After losing at a lower level the district took it all the way to the Supreme Court. Now before trial they paid her the new settlement. $65,000 and goodness knows how much in legal bills.

Once again the district relying on flawed logic that since the settlement is covered by insurance it didn't cost them anything but taxpayers paid for the insurance.

The district is now currently covered by a new insurance carrier. 

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