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Happy 100!!!

100!!!  I've reached 100!!!  100 blog entries, that is!  I started the blog back in September, and though I could be mistaken, I THINK I've posted an entry every day I've been working (physically here at the station).  We all know how easy it is to skip something when we don't really feel like doing it (a la going to the gym), so I'm happy to report I've made it this far! :)


To celebrate, I went to the bar today while I was working.  Leroy's Tavern on the West Side.  Before you start worrying about my decision-making skills, let me say I wasn't there to imbibe, just to shoot an interview and some video. :)

Leroy's was one of the businesses on or near Franklin Street that participated in the big Mardi Gras Pub Crawl last Friday.  The owner told me they had their single highest day of sales since the place opened—43 years ago!!  Other places served so many people they ran out of beer! 

Overall, businesses, it seems, were very happy with the crawl.  Even at Paul's Menswear (which obviously doesn't have a liquor license!), they enjoyed the excitement.  An employee there told me they're hoping some of those people who came down to eat and drink on Franklin Street will also come back to shop in the future. 

It makes me happy to see local, family-owned businesses succeeding.  Paul's will celebrate 50 years this summer!  They're now on their third generation at the store.  Congrats!!

Wellll, that's about all I've got on this Fat Tuesday. 

Oh wait.  Fat Tuesday.  This reminds me of one other thing.   

I bought some Girl Scout cookies from our Sports Director Joe Downs (well, really his daughters) and today was the magical day they appeared.  I did not bring my cash with me, so I went back to the sports office prepared to weasel my way into getting just one (of my FOUR) boxes without payment.  I wanted some chocolate, can you blame me??


Joe caved and let me have one box of peanut butter patties.  I ate five cookies.  THEY'RE LITTLE!  Anyway, apparently that's about 325 calories.  Well worth it, I say.  Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday (fasting), I guess I know the rest of the box will last at least until Thursday!  Perhaps I should just have Joe keep my cookies back in his office even after I pay him. Then I can just go get a few at a time, since historically, anytime I open thin mints they disappear practically instantaneously!!  :)

Ok, that's it for real now. :)  Enjoy the evening!

Until next time,




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